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Our cohesive administrative, creative & design, and operational teams put in much time, effort, and energy in providing realistic strategies that are executed efficiently. We’re selective as to who we take on as an agency and have learned through trial and error that we’re best suited for women in business in start-up, intermediate, or established phases.

There is no one-size fits all solution; we suggest you schedule your own complimentary NAVIGATION SESSION.  We listen to you, brainstorm with you, and provide well-thought out strategies that support your companies overall progression goals.

Inner Empowerment Coaching Circle

Virtual and in-person Inner Empowerment Circles are story sharing educational zones.  Reserve today!

Making a difference by helping others stand out

Stand Out Without Getting Lost

There are many company brands that 'Stand Out' but go unnoticed; don't be one of them.

Reach the masses in an enthusiastic, passionate and sincere manner that tells the story of your brand. 

Your unique brand deserves a custom fit marketing plan that tells your brands story the way you want it to be told.  

Tidbits From Us To You

Business Insights

Business Insights

Business Insights

 An integral part of success is how others perceive you; how you perceive yourself, is what’s conveyed. We take the time to really understand a client’s story, business processes, and overall objectives so that our strategies are cohesive in visual, text, and outreach efforts. 

Image & Styling

Business Insights

Business Insights

We keep you shining in style.  Our styling & image team defines brand persona and enhances key messaging marketing campaigns. We become your interim stylist, personal shopper, and consultant all wrapped in one. 

About Us


CL3 Agency strives to not only create customized creative branding packages for client’s, but to also be a source of inspiration for the company as a whole.  Together as a team, along with the generosity of support from peers, communities, corporations and organizations, the agency, and client, continue to reach the masses in an enthusiastic, passionate and sincere manner that tells the story of the brand. 

Why Us

We're Out-Of-The-Box Creatives who combine strategic market planning with high-level creative execution. 

Core Values

Unique Approaches 
Creative Concepts
Exclusive Attention
Quality Service
​Flexible Payment Plans 

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Wrapping It Up


Start-up | Intermediate | Established

Many know what they envision but have trouble articulating or defining the necessary steps to achieve those goals. We listen to your needs, visions and missions so we can then create a personalized branding plan just for you. 

What's In It For You?

Gain more exposure, see an increase in sales, and implement a long-term sustainable plan. 

Out Of Their Mouth....

"This platform has been a great tool to helping us get the word out about what we do and how we service the people. It has been an honor to be on it, thank you".

                                                                            ​Dr. Maxwell Nartey, Symptometry 

"Carolyn Hall is a dedicated, dynamic marketer who offers expert support and effective strategies to build your platform and focus on your success. Carolyn get’s things done in a timely fashion and has wonderful ideas to develop a creative marketing plan that works"!

                                                                          Amy Sherman,, MA, LMHC, Baby Bommers’ Network 

"Working with Carolyn and the CL3 Agency has been a refreshing experience. Carolyn takes time to truly understand my message and quickly creates effective strategies to enhance my brand’s presence. I value her seasoned knowledge and genuine support for my success"!

                                                                        Jennifer Wilkes, Cold Consulting, LLC 

What's Going On?

You're invited to share your passion for fashion & beauty and all things creative in our Walk-Thru Gallerie.   Leveraging business using innovative product endorsement techniques.  Stay tuned for much more from our Creative Base.

Our Team At Your Service

Our team offers the best practices, industry expertise, and valuable relationship building techniques that bring lasting results.

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